Best Online Courses in Languages 2019

Courses in higher learning typically focus on a specific subject. They are often one academic term and taken to be applied toward a degree or certification. They also can be taken as a standalone class.

What is a course in languages? This type of course typically teaches students the spoken and written forms of a foreign language. Students often are immersed in the language and learn its history, the culture of the people who speak it and social aspects related to the language. These courses are available for beginners and students earning a degree. An array of language courses are available, including English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Vietnamese. Some schools also offer sign language.

A course in a foreign language has the potential to offer immeasurable benefits. It may allow students to hone writing skills in their native language, which is beneficial in an academic and professional career. Students may also learn listening strategies and nonverbal skills.

Costs associated with this type of course vary depending on the school. If taken as part of a degree, each school will have a required number of courses to complete the program. This will affect the total price of tuition.

Understanding and speaking a foreign language can benefit almost any career. Students taking these courses may only want to broaden their knowledge of the world, but many take this path as step to global work such as an international sales manager, translator or educator. Even if a person doesn’t travel, many professions seek bi- or multi-lingual personnel. These careers may include journalist, travel agent, social worker, publisher or banker. Additionally, these courses lend themselves to government and nonprofit organization roles such as a diplomat or communications manager.